Marché Nomade

Marché Nomade - via Montegrappa 13/c in Bologna - is a delightful "flower shop" and a creative laboratory from which collaborations with architects and stylists for events and exhibition space arrangements are born. Anna Bagnaresi with her passion for "green design" combines wisdom and passion at the service of ideas, beautiful, creative ones with an ever attentive and respectful look at the environment. As soon as you enter the shop, you are captured by the beauty of the green wall, an explosion of lights and colours. Lighting designer Giordana Arcesilai has chosen Focus projectors by Lucifero's which integrate C-Led technology and, with the Mylight application, vary in intensity and color temperature (from 5000 to 2700K) for 16 hours during the day, simulating the pattern of daylight on ivy and potos, according to the indications of the biologist. Dynamic remote control of wireless lighting for refined and flexible management, to illuminate where, when and as much as needed. Smart light takes care of plants.

Location: Marchè Nomade Via Montegrappa 13/c Bologna Lighting design: arch. Giordana Arcesilai

Green project: arch. Simona Ventura paesaggista
Interior design: Studio Emporio Home

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