Who we are


Since 1978 we give space to light. We realize enlightened ideas, combining creativity, innovation and curiosity. We design new solutions, through study and research, to always create a better light.

Our strength is not only specified through our products but sees its maximum expression in a transversal approach. We respond to the complexity of our customers’ needs with a continuous dialogue and the sharing of tailor-made responses. With a great distribution power. With a unique value that encompasses our philosophy: the Made in Italy. And last but not least, our greatest boast. A team of designers can describe the light through shadows, contrasts and rhythmic counterpoints to guide you with attention, intuition and technological ability in the world of lighting design.


We design details


Our goal is to harmoniously integrate the lighting body with the architecture, in continuity with the functions of the space that welcomes it. For this reason we define Lucifer’s with the meaning of Archi-Tech Lighting. An expression that welcomes the high standing of design, able to meet the needs of any application. Whether retail, hospitality, museum, educational or green.


Light on the future


Technology moves fast. And we with it. Lighting plays a crucial role in design, as it draws attention to sustainability. Let’s talk about energy saving, liveability. Integration of useful processes to recalibrate man’s relationship with nature.