Lucifero’s is the story of a family who, with insight and determination, founded a small company in 1978 in Bologna, where still today it operates a plant of 8,000 square meters. Now this small company has become a leader in the production of equipment for high quality architectural lighting, completely “made in Italy”.

At Lucifero’s, the design of the product is aimed at harmoniously suiting the light fixture to the surrounding architecture, not only in the phisical sense, but in the material sense as well. The designer therefore has a malleable tool to work with. Based on the conviction that lighting should be at the service of architecture – and not vice versa – at Lucifero’s we are more interested in the function and the visual tasks that the fixture has to perform, rather than the design if the object itself. And it is for this reason that we have chosen our brand’s name. In Latin, it refers to the very first function of a light fixture: to bring light. This requirement, even from the earliest stages of the the idea for a product, has spurred us to carefully research, both the most technologically advanced lighting solutions as well as the materials and finishes that could be deemed interesting for the designer during the creative process.

Over the years this initial premise has gradually turned into a product range – from extruded aluminium profiles to ceiling-mounted systems, from projectors to hidden recessed fittings, from coordinates to outdoor products – and the product range is vast because they offer a very great number of finishes and materials that are not readily available today in “mass” manufacturer catalogues. Our flexibility extends to the production of special products, with both customised standard products and products manufactured from drawings.

Today we work all over the world. Our products, standard or custom-made, are utilized in a variety of spaces as diverse as retail chains, universities, shopping centres, offices, museums and private homes.

We combine creativity, innovation and curiosity with continuity and reliability over time. Our strengths come from a love of this beautiful craft, from the materials and the know-how that comes from experience gained over many years, but especially from the knowledge that a company that works well has a close-knit team of people behind it who live and breathe their work because they have a true passion for it.